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zoomintomath: A Math Homework Encyclopedia BOOK:

Lessons, Exercises, Math lists, Formulas, Units of Measurements for All Grades and Colleges USE.

Unique, highly useful and comprehensive Encyclopedic Math Lists, Tables, Charts, Equations, in Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry. The book contains Powerful Math Lessons, exercises and information.

It is all in ONE: An encyclopedia, a Tutoring book, and a desk reference book for all grades and college.

1.  How to do percentages, Decimals,    

    Fractions, Areas of Circles, 

    Rectangles, Squares and much more.

2.  How to add powers and exponential/logarithms.

3. Units of Measurements and tables of how to convert from/to other units and hundreds of other formulas for everyone: Students, Teachers, Doctors, and all professionals. 

All are explained, taught and tutored step by step through 100 YOUTUBE VIDEOS FREE. No Purchase Necessary but extremely recommended to follow the videos lessons. 

Videos along with book results in a powerful and highly efficient teaching course for students of all grades, GED Candidates, ACT AND SAT TESTS TAKERS ,elementary, middle, and high school students. 

  1) A Math Homework Encyclopedia book used by all grades and college students. Highly   

     positive feedback from customers who purchased the course. Separately sold at $18.99

2) 100 Videos explaining, tutoring, and teaching all book contents with examples and exercises: Sold separately at $49.37

3) Units of MEASUREMENT BOOK. Sold separately at $14.99

The Math Videos LINK accompany the book. A powerful source of MATH learning for ALL GRADES.

76 pages of HOW TO CONVERT FROM/TO Units of Measurements: Liters, meters, inches, kilos, miles, Weights, Areas, Space, Liquid and more than Hundreds of entries. FREE Vegan cooking book and FREE SHIPPING. All For $18.99.   LINK TO 100 Free Math lessons:



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